Play at the Mosey

In a band or a performance group? Want to perform at the Mosey?


Vend at the Mosey

Want to promote your professional product or hobby at the Mosey?


Donations of time, money, and tangible items are what make the Mosey events thrive.  Without them, we could not exist.  We thank everyone that has donated to our collective cause, and will continue to rely on your support as we continue to move forward.

STAGE SPONSOR - Become a Sponsor
Cost to sponsor 1 of 2 main stages
$1000/Mosey    OR     $5000/Series
Cost to sponsor 3rd stage
$500/Mosey    OR    $2500/Series
CORPORATE SPONSOR - Become a Sponsor
Sponsorships include:
(stage sponsors)
- ability to side dress stage with business banner
- allowed microphone time between performances on sponsored stage
(both stage & corporate sponsors)
- being featured in all print material and on Mosey website
- granted vendor space

To help fund the Mosey Down Main Street Summer festivals and everything that goes into them!

Volunteer Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Scheduling: If you've got a mind for numbers, we'd like to count on you!

Stage Hands: These guys make even the amateur acts feel like pros, and they make the crowd think that street festivals are easy!

Clean Up Crew: aka the vanishing act.  This crew takes over after midnight and makes the Mosey vanish into thin air.  With their help, no one driving down Main St on Sunday morning would know we were even there the night before.

The Mosey Down Main Street festival series is only ONE of the many events and services coordinated and carried out by Friends of Downtown. As Friends of Downtown are a Non Profit Organization with a 501c3 status, all donations for The Mosey and other events are tax deductible. Friends of Downtown are able to operate and produce great events because of the generosity of donations, sponsorships, grants and memberships, so please donate!! Please check out the new Friends of Downtown website for information on other events such as The Adult Tricycle Race, The Unseen City Tour, Beers Across the Wabash, Operation Trick or Treat, Dickens of a Christmas, The Holiday Gala, and the Community Christmas Dinner.

In addition to individual donations, we also are interested in locally owned business partnerships.  Advertising opportunities abound with literally thousands of local citizens filling the streets at each event.



Centier Bank

Ruoff Home Mortgage

Security Federal Bank

Tbird Design Services Corporation